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We are excited to announce Citizens Digital, coming in August, which will improve your online banking experience.


Mobile Banking & Mobile Deposit

What is Citizens24 To Go mobile banking?
Is there a cost to use the Citizens24 To Go app?
What devices are supported for use with the Citizens24 To Go app?
Where can I find the Citizens24 To Go app?
How do I register for mobile banking?
What accounts are available in mobile banking?
How secure is the mobile app?
I am not enrolled in Citizens24 online banking. Can I still use the Citizens24 To Go mobile app?
Are my login credentials the same for the phone as they are for my PC?
How can I protect my security and privacy?
I am enrolled in Bill Pay. Can I pay bills from Citizens24 To Go mobile banking?
Is Bill Pay a free service with my account?
Who can I pay with Bill Pay?
Can I cancel or edit payments?
Can I set up recurring payments?
How far in advance should I schedule payments?
Can I transfer money using mobile banking?
What is Mobile Deposit?
Who can use Mobile Deposit and how do I enroll?
Is there special equipment needed for this service?
What kinds of checks can be deposited?
Is there a maximum check amount that can be deposited each day?
How many checks can be included in one Mobile Deposit?
What accounts are available for deposit within Mobile Deposit?
Are there any items that cannot be deposited?
How do I make a Mobile Deposit?
How long does it take for a deposit to post?
What happens if the same check is imaged twice?
My deposit was rejected after being submitted. Why would this happen?
What should I do with a check after it has been scanned?
Are deposits placed on hold?
If a check is returned against my account, can it be redeposited?
What are some tips for using Mobile Deposit?

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