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We are excited to announce Citizens Digital, coming in August, which will improve your online banking experience.

Online/Mobile Banking

Online & Mobile Banking

Check on your account 24 hours a day! Our free online banking allows you to:

With electronic statements, you can view your bank statement online with no need to wait for the mail to arrive. Click on the secure link from your Citizens24 Internet Banking page, and your monthly bank statement will be made available. E-Statements are a quick and easy way to view, save, or print your bank statements.

Pay or schedule bill payments from your mobile device, no checks or postage stamps needed! Just open up the Citizens24 To Go app on your mobile device, click the Move Money icon, and begin the payment process.

Your mobile device does some amazing things, and now you can use it to deposit checks directly to your Citizens State Bank account! No bank, ATM, or postage stamps required. Saving an errand here and there adds up to more time for you. Just open up Citizens24 To Go on your mobile device and click on the camera icon to take pictures of both sides of your endorsed check.