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Our Mission: To provide an experience like no other.

A Message from Our President

Our mission is to provide an experience like no other, which has made us one of the top-rated banks in the country. Citizens State Bank was established in Clayton, WI in 1907 and was a partner to farmers by helping them purchase land and equipment, buy seed and livestock, and save their money. A major expansion was made to La Crosse in 2005, which resulted in a new headquarters. The Onalaska office was opened in 2008 and Eau Claire in 2010 (with an expansion to Altoona in 2011). With some of the best professionals in the industry on our team, we have been able to transform a routine trip to the bank to an exciting experience as soon as you walk in our doors, which is known as the #citizensexperience.


Our Uniques


Citizens Experience:

The #citizensexperience is unlike anything in banking and can be felt within seconds of walking into or calling one of our offices. Many people think a bank is just a place that carries out a requested transaction. Here at Citizens, however, we make each touch an experience which has made us one of the fastest growing banks in Wisconsin since 2005. We make banking fun with a high-energy environment and prompt response (2 Hour Rule Guarantee: All voicemails and emails are followed up within 2 business hours). Don’t take our word for it; look at our reviews and listen to our consumer testimonials.


Value-Added Services:

Most banks believe it’s their job to simply make a deposit or approve loans for their customers, however, we believe we need to create value and happiness for each of our customers. One of the many ways we create value for our customers is by putting money back in his/her pocket with Get More™ Checking, which is much more than your average checking account! Where else can you go to a bank drive-thru and get incredible Colectivo Coffee? No longer do our customers have to waste their time and money in the long lines at their favorite coffee shops! There are many ways we create value for our customers, and our business customers are no exception. Listen to our business testimonials.


Dynamic Culture:

Our culture is known to be one of the best in the industry, one where we work hard and play hard. This promotes outside the box thinking with fun and play all day, resulting in our employees being some of the happiest in the world! We encourage our employees to be creative and dream big, and we coach them to greatness both professionally and personally. As a result, our employees are fully engaged in the company and its success. A job at Citizens is not simply another job but a place where everyone is family, and we WIN and celebrate together. It’s no surprise that we have been consistently identified as one of the Best Banks to Work For in the country. To learn more about our unique culture, check out our Careers page and watch our culture video!