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Smart Savers Club

When opening a Minor Savings account, the minor automatically becomes a member of our Smart Savers Club. As a Smart Saver, the minor will receive:


  • A Smart Savers card to record deposits made to their savings account
  • A small prize for every deposit
  • A large prize once 10 deposits are made
  • Fun Smart Savers activity sheets to help the minor become familiar with the general concepts of saving and banking

Note: The minor must be present at the time of the deposit to receive a punch and a prize.

What Our Clients Say About Us

This is how banking should be done. Fun, personable, professional, and in touch with your needs. Don’t even get me started on the app, it’s just awesome! I have business and personal accounts at Citizens and appreciate all that the staff does for me.

Justin Pretasky

Best bank by far! Excellent employees!

Milt Schmidt

Citizens goes above and beyond. Always helpful and friendly staff!

Holli Ludlow

Solid financial choices for all of life's moments

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