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Pay It Forward Pigs 2020


Posted on November 6, 2020

Pay It Forward Pigs 2020

Visit this page to read about where our employees have been leaving their pigs to Pay it Forward this holiday season!















Jacob Mara - Festival Foods

"$10 seems like enough to buy somebody a couple of drinks, so I left it outside the Wine & Spirits entrance at Festival."












Deb Rislow - Hood of Car Family is Living In

"I have been driving on this particular road for quite some time. I usually see a car that has a family living in it. I can tell, because it's packed full and only moves occasionally. Sometimes there are two cars or even different cars as if a family is moving from location to location. I put the pig on the hood of the car so they would definitely see it. I hope this helps them!"











Heidi Van Heuklom - Bergmann's Greenhouse

"I feel like a lot of people go there for gifts, and I feel like most of them would be willing to pay it forward to someone else."



Erin Hanson - Rotary Lights

"With the Rotary Lights and traffic through the park, I thought it would be a good spot for someone to find the pig and pass on!"













Jordan Gray - Mayo Clinic Health System/Sisters of Perpetual Adoration

"I wanted to place the pig somewhere that it would be appreciated by whoever found it. I chose the Mayo Clinic Health System/Sisters of Perpetual Adoration area, because whether it be someone walking to church or to the hospital, they could appreciate and find value in community support during times like this. Community support is essential to all of our well-being, and I'm glad to be able to help, even if it's just a tiny tiny bit. :)"



Jeannette Schreier - Hamilton School Food Pantry

"I drive by Hamilton Elementary every day and noticed how much a need for food there is in the outside food pantry. Since the majority of the individals taking food from the pantry are kids, I decided to stock up on kid-friendly food and make a delivery. Once we had the pantry stocked, I also left the Pay It Forward Pig for someone to find. It did not take long; as we were driving away, a family walked up to get some food and found the pig!"











Jon Trapp - Walgreens on West Ave. in La Crosse

"I wanted to leave the pig in an area with walking traffic, and Walgreens attracts a very mixed clientele. I had scoped out the situation when I walked into the store and was going to put the pig on the Redbox kiosk. When I was leaving the store, I noticed a man that was kneeling in the entryway going through his backpack. He was dirty, and I saw something in his face that made me feel like he needed help. I turned around and approached the man with the pig. I said, 'I would like you to have this. There is $10 inside.' He accepted the pig and said 'Thank you, sir.' I said that I hoped it would make his day better. He said, 'God bless you.'"


Amy Callahan - Chad Erickson Park in the "Kids Cabin" Mailbox

"I wanted a place that only a kid would find the pig and hoped it would lead to some great family conversations about giving back."



Katie Henningsen - Irvine Park in Chippewa Falls

"Every year, Irvine Park puts up a bunch of Christmas lights and my husband and I like to go walk through to see the lights. Our favorite spot to stop and take pictures is in a little hut overlooking a pond, so I decided to leave my pig there, so maybe another couple out for a walk will see it and benefit from it."











Parker Weber - La Crosse YMCA

"I chose this location because I feel like it gets a lot of foot traffic. Plus, people are usually happier after they get a workout in."



Melinda Derks - Devney Park in Altoona

"Typically on my lunches in the summer, I will go to Devney Park to eat lunch and read. With a new playground, there are often parents there with their kids playing in the playground, on the baseball field, or playing basketball. With today reaching close to 50 degrees, I knew that parents would be out with their kids. As I was leaving the piggy, two cars pulled in filled with families."













Mariah Oppor - Anytime Fitness

"I just joined a gym and have felt so welcomed by everyone there. I left it in the cubbies making it easy for people coming in or out to see. I think there is a good chance of someone picking it up and doing some good with it."



Lori Klug - Take a Book/Leave a Book Stand in Our Neighborhood

"I just thought it would be nice to leave the pig in my neighborhood, and I drive by this book stand/house every day."













Holly Bearheart - Grocery Store

"I figured some people may have troubles paying for some of their groceries this holiday season, so I snuck the pig on the shelf. No matter if a customer or an employee finds it, I hope it brightens their day!"


Emilee Snodgrass - Target Bench

"I left it there because I know employees take their break there and a lot of retail people are struggling this year with COVID-19 issues but also the long shifts and busy days!"













Scott Arenz - Red Cloud Park

"I felt it was a good spot to leave it in a park on the northside of La Crosse where you get a lot of traffic with walkers and kids/families playing on the playground equipment."



Lisa Vogel - Dash Park in Onalaska

"I wanted to put the pig somewhere festive and thought it would be fun for someone to find by the Christmas tree."












Sandy Chase - Eagle Watch

"I noticed a lot of people stop there during the day to watch for eagles, as they are pretty active right now (you can see one sitting on the ice in the background) and people also go there a lot during the lunch hour."



Demi Oberg - Mega Gas Station in Lake Hallie

"This gas station has a giant chair that people stop to take pictures with. Since it's close to my house, I thought it would be easy to stop by and check to see if it was gone!"













Sandra Vuich - Near Christmas Tree at Grandad Bluff

"I chose this location because of the Pay It Forward message. People were visiting the bluff for simply a nice walk/view from nature and view of the Christmas tree. I thought this would be a perfect spot to not expect anything and find something. Three people who appeared to be college students saw the pig, stopped to read it, and were VERY excited. Hopefully it will get them into the bank as well!"


Chrystal Morgan - On Park Bench at UW Health Rehabilitation Center

"My friend has been in Madison since August when she underwent a liver transplant. My friend has been back and forth to the hospital so many times since August. As hard as it is to not be able to see her, we are so grateful for her amazing staff as they work hard to help her regain her mobility and recover. I dropped off a Christmas present for her on Saturday at the front desk and when I was leaving, I left my pig on the bench outside the entry door. I'm hoping a health care worker or patient finds the pig and enjoys the surprise!"



Lisa Lien - Auto Value in Clear Lake

"I thought of this place as so many people in our area cannot afford new vehicles. So the vehicles they have generally need more maintenance. And sometimes, that purchase of oil or a filter or anything like that can be a big burden. So I figure any amount to help pay for it would be welcomed."
















Chris Paulino - Outside of Citizens

"I decided to put the pig right outside of Citizens State Bank. The main reason I chose this area is because I really wanted to see the person's reaction when they found the pig. Unfortunately, no one picked it up until after we closed for the day. So I was not able to see who found it."



Amanda Brendemuehl - On the Hand Sanitizer at the Gas Pump

"I figured that a lot of people go to the gas station to get gas. Hopefully someone that could really use it gets it!"













Jared Swyter - Altoona Hobbs Ice Rink














Lauryn Dickman - UW – La Crosse Sign

"I decided to leave my pig on the UW – La Crosse sign on campus, because I recently graduated from UWL and know how stressful this time of year can be with finals. I also know that a lot of college students run low on money at the end of the semester, so I hope this helps someone out!"













Haley Gronholz - Kwik Trip on Sand Lake Road

"I figured during the holidays that a lot of people are running around and gas money can be an added stress! Hopefully it will make somebody's day."



Jami Gerke - Burns Park

"I chose this park because I see families stop to play on the new equipment when they're to/from downtown La Crosse, and it's also by the library. I am really hoping a child gets it, and they can have some paying it forward. When my kids were young, they, of course, loved to receive gifts but the looks on their face when they gave someone else a gift was priceless."














Lacy Olson - Old Navy Parking Lot

"I wanted to place in a spot visible and that will be filled with people. This is eye level right next to a parking spot. When you open your door from the spot it's right there!"



Alana Docken - Walmart

"I wanted to leave it at a place where a lot of people do their Christmas shopping. So I found a bench (in the shoe department) and left it there!"













Sue Nelson - Altoona Laundromat

"I remember the days of going to the laundromat to wash clothes with my kids. This was the last place I wanted to spend money at any time through the year, let alone at Christmas time. I was hoping I brightened someone's day or made it a little easier."



Sam Nelson - Windom Park in Winona

"My husband has been working in Winona for the last couple of months and has been telling me there are a lot of people living in poverty near where he's been working. Thought it would be a different place to leave it!"











Todd Gilbertson - Onalaska Library

"The reason why I chose this location is because I feel like it was an easy location that people would use it and keep going. I remember going to it throughout my childhood and had so many great memories and wanted to Pay It Forward."



Jake Sharon - Parkridge Park in Onalaska

"This park is very close to my apartment, and it seemed like a perfect spot to drop it on my way to work."












Josh Moser - Omni Center in Onalaska

"I've always had an appreciation for what hockey parents do to get their kids to and from the rink, so I left my pig next to a bench out in front of the building in hopes that it finds a good home!"



Tony Tangwall - Marketplace Foods in Rice Lake

"I frequently go to Marketplace and see people from all walks of life. They offer a bag for $15 to donate to the local food shelter, so I figured that the odds of someone paying it forward on groceries were pretty high. I left it in the milk cooler, because I thought it would be pretty 'cool' if someone found it there."
















Yupheng Vang - Onalaska Police Department

"Not only was the Onalaska PD within walking distance to get my daily steps in, my brother-in-law is a police officer as well. As soon as I received the pig, I thought of him and this team working through the COVID-19 pandemic. I also instructed my brother-in-law to leave the pig with a person in need of a cheer-up this holiday."



Stephanie Waletzki - Kwik Trip Gas Pump

"I was having a hard time deciding on where I was going to leave my pig. I had so many ideas but was having a hard time picking just one! I stopped at Kwik Trip to put some gas in my vehicle and while standing at the pump, I saw my pig in my car and decided that next to the gas pump would be the perfect spot. That way the next person to use the pump will get a little surprise!"














Katie Brunslik - Park Bench on North Part of Pammel Creek Path

"I chose this location because I frequently use Pammel Creek to walk my dog. Someone I know lost her husband this summer while he was out running along Pammel Creek, and she placed a memorial bench along the path. I saw she recently posted that she had decorated it for Christmas with lights. So I placed the pig on the bench in hopes that someone will find it and help spread some holiday cheer or help someone in need."



Nkaonyia Yang - Set Outside of my Door for Delivery Drivers

First night (12/16/20) - "Since I had to order all gifts this year online, I knew I would have a lot of deliveries this week. So I decided that when a UPS/FedEx or the mail woman came, I would personally give them a piggy bank. Wednesday night while sitting on the couch, a car pulled up into my driveway. I was thinking 'Hmm, it's 7 PM and who would come visit?' So I peaked and saw that it was the UPS man, so I went out to grab my tea party set (not for me but my baby sister) and gave him one of the $5 bills. I also had a basket of treats and water bottles to thank delivery drivers, so he picked up that as well. The UPS man was so appreciative and stated that we were the 3rd house to give snacks and water bottles out of his 12 hour shift but the 1st to give cash! I told him that he can grab a coffee or even food from Kwik Trip since it's across the street from us. Made his day for sure!"


Second day (12/17/20) - "FedEx came while I was working to drop off the big gift (ask me), and my husband saw how fast the young FedEx guy was just grabbing snacks. He then gave the 2nd $5 bill to him. He thanked my husband and stated that his day was much better now, as he had a handful of snacks/drinks and cash to buy something to eat later."


"Don't forget to thank your delivery drivers, as they are trying to make sure that gifts arrive on time!"


Eric Kirking - Bus Stop on Copeland by Festival

"This Festival location is close to downtown and has the bus stop right next to it. I have often seen people with their Festival bags waiting at that bus stop and thought that it would be a good place to leave the pig in hopes that the money may help someone with a grocery bill that may be stretching their budget."



Jill McGrath - Trane on East Ave in La Crosse

"We left our pig in this location because it has a lot of foot traffic, and we thought a worker from TRANE would really appreciate the gesture and are pretty likely to Pay It Forward!"













Austin Cance - Bollinger Fields

"I left my pig near the Bollinger Fields, because there are many people who frequently go through that area. I also visited these fields a lot when I was younger."



Pam Witucki - In a Little Neighborhood Library Near a Park by my House

"I thought this was a perfect spot because I have seen people grabbing books out of it, and there is a nice little park right next to it. And it will be sheltered from any bad weather!"














Dennis Vogel - Blessed Sacrament

"This year I struggled with this and was waiting for the right opportunity to come to me. I have been really working hard to get my kids involved in giving back, and I believe we should teach our kids this. So in chatting about this with my kids, I had the idea of Jack or Stella bringing it to school and leaving it. Stella stepped right up and said she would do it and then Jack fought her about the best place to leave it. I'm excited to hear the outcome, however, I know it promted a great discussion in our family."


Clint Baurichter - Kwik Trip

"Figured I would make someone's day by leaving them some money for gas. I noticed an older gentleman pumped exactly $10 in gas and when he went inside to pay, I figured I would leave him a nice surprise (hopefully he noticed it). If not, the next person got a nice little surprise."



Caleb Johnson - Press Break

"I wanted to leave it somewhere that would benefit someone and also go into a local business."










Jared Leis - Westview Inn in West Salem

"After I got done meeting with a customer in West Salem, I was driving through the historic downtown of West Salem and spotted this bench outside of the Westview Inn. I noticed that the Westview Inn was open, so I stopped and placed the Pay It Forward Pig on the bench ahead of Westview's busy lunch hour."


Mackenzie Sather - Catholic Charities

"Whenever I run, I usually go across the Cass Street bridge and walk back and see homeless people sleeping in front of the Catholic Charities center on 3rd Street. I figure someone around there could use the money!"



Brian Cossette - Holmen Post Office

"Why not spread a little holiday spirit while people wait in line to mail Christmas cards and presents. Hopefully this money helped to share a little more holiday spirit in a Christmas card to friends and family!"













Leah Jacobs - Outside Perkins Parking Lot by Light Where People Park

"I chose this location because it is high traffic. I figured someone would enjoy a lunch on us."



Mariah Langrehr - Bangor Village Park

"I take Logan for walks in this park frequently, and there are always families playing and hanging out. I thought this would make one of them smile when they found the pig."


Lindsey Branson - Neighborhood Park

"I walk my dog past our park nearly every day and sometimes see it empty and peacful and other times see our neighbor families and their young children running around. I thought it would be a good idea to place it at this park in hopes that a family will get this and be able to involve their kids and Pay It Forward!"











Maria Tello Valdez - Downtown Sparta

"My plan was to take it downtown Sparta and leave it by the little houses village, but I noticed there were a lot of people and what looked like a market. I decided to ask the person standing at the entrance what was going on, and they were giving out winter clothes and toys for free to those who needed them. I asked if I could place the piggy at one of the tables and of course explained what it was about. As I was taking a picture of it sitting on a table, a lady started reading the note on it, so I let her know that she could take it and explained the purpose of it. She started crying and explained that she had recently used her last $20 to put gas in her vehicle to go to Tomah to see her son's best friend (who she pretty much raised as her own son) at the hospital because he has cancer. Another friend of her son's was in a fatal car accident, and they wanted to go to the funeral but they had to choose which way to go, as they did not have enough gas to go both places. She was crying because now her son was going to be able to go say goodbye to his friend. It broke my heart, but it also gave me so much joy knowing what that $10 meant and did so much for mother and son!"


Mike Stangl - Olive Garden Parking Lot

"We were waiting in the lot to get a table. All people waiting had to stay outside. So I decided to leave it in the lot for someone waiting to be seated to see. When we did get seated, we could actually see it in the parking lot and saw a family pick it up."


Allie Gehr - The Park by My House

"I often see couples and families walking or walking their dog on this path, and I thought it would be a fun way to bring someone some joy hopefully during these times."


Kevin Friederichs - Community Book Trade by Robin's School

"I thought of this place, because it is a place many students pass by each day and it's K-5. I am hoping that someone will pick it up and learn about paying it forward."



Heather Koss - Mindoro Cut

"I always try to pick a spot in my community, so I thought what better spot than the Mindoro Cut. There is an area at the top of the cut where people can stop and take in the views and see the Cut. The pig was gone the last time I checked."














Nick Skibba - On a Walking Trail by My House

"I walk the trail all the time and run into some pretty generous people at times. I was hoping somebody that was generous or doesn't need the money could come up with a great idea of how to use the funds. Also, if somebody that really needed the money found it that would be great as well."


Marcia Brendum - Downtown Ramp

"I put the pig in that location since it was close to the Warming Center/Cameron Park hoping someone would Pay It Forward to the homeless. Thought it would be a fun surprise for anyone using the elevator."



Chad Hill - Kwik Trip

"My pig made a pit stop at the Kwik Trip on Cass where there are a lot of people coming and going all the time that could use a boost. Piggy is ready for a roadtrip with a weary traveler!"














Evan Londergan - Cameron Park in La Crosse

"Some days I go for a walk on my lunches, occasionally by Cameron Park. There are a number of people that frequent there that are down on their luck. I have had a number of interactions with people there and most of them are incredibly friendly. I left my pig on a picnic bench in the park, so hopefully one of the friendly people I have met will find it!"



Dallas Solfest - Sparetime Bowling Alley in Turtle Lake

"This location was chosen as I know the owners, and I am also part of a bowling league there. Lots of families and people from the community pass through, and it is a visible location for lots of local residents. I did already find out that someone found it and instead of taking the money, they put it in another location for someone else to find and posted it on Facebook. Hopefully this pig gets moved around and someone who could use the money finds it."
















Steve Daniel - Stoplights by Walmart South in La Crosse

"I personally handed the pig to an individual at the stoplights who was asking for help."


Natalie Boardman - Hamilton Elementary School

"I left my pig on a bench outside of Hamilton Elementary School. Teachers have had to adapt to a lot of changes this school year, and I know it hasn't been easy for most. Hoping this Pay It Forward Piggy bank made someone's day."



Kevin Vilim - Planter on Main Street

"This planter is on my walking route, so I'm hoping that someone who lives in the area finds it and can put it to good use!"















Jesse Storandt - Park Bench at Burns Park

"This park is frequently traveled by people that could really use a break, being so close to the Salvation Army. Also it's within sight of my office window, so I was hoping I might get lucky and witness its discovery. A while later, I was watching out my window when a lady with a small child (I'm guessing grandchild) parked and walked over to the park to play. I was really hoping they would discover it, and sure enough they noticed it as they were walking back to the car. As they approached the car, I could see the lady studying it while the kid watched. The lady handed it over to the child just before they got in the car. I bet he was pretty excited!"