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Promotion: Skyler Ford


Posted on May 21, 2024

Promotion: Skyler Ford

We are pleased to announce that Skyler Ford has been promoted to the Executive Assistant position in our La Crosse office! Since joining Citizens State Bank in December, Skyler has done an amazing job connecting with our customers and her coworkers with her bright smile, her fun-loving personality, and the enthusiasm she brings to everything she does!


Skyler has a great attitude and a passion for learning new things. She handles every task she's given with great care and dedication. Skyler consistently goes above and beyond in everything she does, bringing energy and excitement to her work. Her positive attitude and enthusiasm make her a joy to work with and an essential part of our team.


We are confident that Skyler will do a fantastic job in her new role and wish her the best of luck. We are excited to see all the great things she will accomplish!