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Promotion: Aidan Ebner


Posted on May 14, 2024

Promotion: Aidan Ebner

We're excited to announce that Aidan Ebner has been promoted to Credit Analyst II! Since he joined Citizens State Bank in February 2021, Aidan has truly embraced the growth mindset. He looks at each task as an opportunity to learn and stretch his abilities, which has made him an essential part of our Credit Analyst team. His reliable work and increase in efficiency have greatly contributed to our team's success.


Aidan takes a serious approach to his work and growth. He always takes full responsibility for his actions and shows a maturity and professionalism that have rightfully earned him this new role. His eagerness to find new projects and his willingness to take on extra responsibilities have shown his dedication to his personal development and to improving our team at Citizens as a whole.


Please join us in congratulating Aidan on his well-deserved promotion!