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Promotion: Scott Arenz


Posted on March 19, 2024

Promotion: Scott Arenz

We are pleased to announce that Scott Arenz has been promoted to VP - Business & Community Development Director at Citizens State Bank. This is a well-deserved recognition of Scott's exceptional contributions to our organization.


Scott has consistently demonstrated a "yes I can" attitude, which has not only fueled his personal growth but also significantly enhanced the capabilities of our retail staff. His initiative in encouraging our retail team to engage with local businesses in their area has led to notable growth and a deeper understanding of our bank products among the staff.


Moreover, Scott's involvement in the Citizens Experience training has been instrumental in refining our customer service approach. His insights have helped new employees in creating a more customer-centric environment that aligns with our core values and mission.


Beyond his professional achievements, Scott's engagement in community activities has been exemplary. His efforts have not only bolstered our community presence but also strengthened our relationships with local businesses and organizations, along with bringing in many new referrals.


Please join me in congratulating Scott on his promotion to Vice President!