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Promotion: Dallas Solfest


Posted on November 14, 2023

Promotion: Dallas Solfest

We are exicted to announce a well-deserved promotion within our ranks! Dallas Solfest has been promoted to the position of AVP-Mortgage Loan Officer in our Clayton Office.  Dallas has been an integral part of the Citizens State Bank family since September 2019, and his journey with us has been nothing short of impressive. Right from the beginning, he embraced our company's core values, and his dedication has been unwavering. Dallas possesses a remarkable growth mindset, a "yes I can" attitude, and a calm and professional demeanor that he consistently exudes, regardless of the challenges he faces.


His contributions have been invaluable to his office and our organization as a whole. Dallas has consistently demonstrated a willingness to take on more responsibilities, showing a remarkable commitment to his personal and professional growth. Additionally, he has set a stellar example of leadership for his team, inspiring them to achieve their best.

Please join us in congratulating Dallas Solfest on this well-deserved promotion!!!


Way to go, Dallas!