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Promotion: Taylor Wagner


Posted on May 4, 2023

Promotion: Taylor Wagner

Please help us congratulate Taylor Wagner, who has been promoted to Loan Processing Manager in our La Crosse office!


Taylor’s story here at Citizens State Bank began in August of 2021 as a Loan Processor and she has continually demonstrated leadership within her team! Not only that, but she does an excellent job of aligning with our Core Values! From being engaged in our culture, promoting our products, volunteering in the community, and so much more, Taylor truly makes an impact on her coworkers and community members!


One thing that Taylor is the most excited for in her new role is being able to connect with more people in the bank! In her previous role, she mainly delt with mortgage loans and only worked with a select group of lenders. As a manager, she will now be able to have a wider range of lenders to work and collab with! Taylor is also excited to learn more about our organization here as a whole and how she can implement more excellence and success to the bank!


Again, congratulations Taylor! We are so excited to see you grow in this position!