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Promotion: Matt Bjergum


Posted on December 8, 2022

Promotion: Matt Bjergum

Please help us congratulate Matt Bjergum, who has been promoted to the General Manager position in our Onalaska office!


Matt’s story here at Citizens State Bank started in February of 2022 as the Assistant General Manager, and a short 10 months later he is taking on his new role! He has demonstrated true leadership, trust, and respect, with both our customers and his employees, which are very important here at the bank!


Matt is the type of individual that embraces learning and is always willing to take the next step to grow and advance his knowledge. He continually pushes himself out of his comfort zone by taking on new roles and responsibilities without hesitation, going to show his dedication and commitment to the bank!


He also incorporates all our Core Values into his daily work schedule, but one that stands out to us is his accountability. He keeps himself on track, helps his coworkers with whatever the task may be, isn’t afraid to ask questions, and comes into work each day with a growth mindset. These are all things that we value a lot here at Citizens and we are happy to have Matt on our team to lead by example!


Again, congratulations Matt! We look forward to seeing your story grow here!