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Class of 2024: Jadah Zehnder

New Employee

Posted on May 7, 2024

Class of 2024: Jadah Zehnder

Jadah Zehnder, hailing from Southwest Minnesota, has joined our retail team as a Universal Banker! An enthusiast of barrel racing, Jadah not only seeks adventure but also recently embarked on a new exciting journey with us.


Outside of her bank duties, Jadah spends her time enjoying the great outdoors and quality time with her family. Her passion for weekly barrel races showcases her boldness, quick reflexes, and competitive edge.


In her car, the radio is always tuned to K-Love, ensuring her drives are filled with inspiring tunes. Stranded on a desert island, Jadah would miss her go-to energizers: pizza and Red Bull.


As if Barrel Racing wasn’t thrilling enough, skydiving stands out at the top of her bucket list for its exhilarating rush. Besides her adventurous streak, Jada’s hidden talent lies in music, with talents in both singing and playing the piano.


If she stumbled across a Genie-in-a-bottle, her first wish would be for a never-ending supply of dog food for her dog Nova!


Welcome aboard, Jadah! We can’t wait to see the positive changes you will bring to Citizens State Bank.