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Class of 2023: Tina Bechtel

New Employee

Posted on August 10, 2023

Class of 2023: Tina Bechtel

We are excited to welcome Tina Bechtel to the Citizens State Bank family as the new General Manager in our Onalaska office! Tina comes to Citizens with many years of banking experience and the same passion for helping customers as we all share.  Her interests include making and creating! In fact, making gifts for people to brighten their day is her favorite activity. Whether it’s shirts, cups, mugs or signs, Tina is a huge fan of crafting! While she’s busy crafting she’s probably listening to either KQ98 or 95.7 The Rock. Her musical taste is as varied as her crafting interests. Now that her last daughter has recently graduated college, Tina is excited to travel more! Tina is also a very caring person. If she had one wish it would be to cure everyone with a crippling disease. She feels life seems so short and we should always try to live each day with no regrets. This sounds just like the kind of person we need to join our Onalaska team!

Welcome Tina! We are excited to have you aboard!