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Class of 2023: Dotty Miller

New Employee

Posted on July 20, 2023

Class of 2023: Dotty Miller

Please welcome Dotty Miller to the Citizens State Bank Family! Dotty is our newest CER in our Eau Claire office. If you can’t find Dotty at work, look for her on the golf course. She also enjoys fishing and hiking. If the weather’s not cooperating, Dotty can be found sitting with a good book or watching HGTV. Want to brighten Dotty’s day? Show up with chocolate milk and a pizza (I hope there is a Kwik Trip close to the bank ). In the future she hopes to take a cruise and if given one wish…unlimited money to spend on books and plants! Wonder if there will be any books about plants in there?


Welcome Dotty! We are excited to have you aboard and to see you grow with our bank family!