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Class of 2023: Chloe Woods

New Employee

Posted on March 9, 2023

Class of 2023: Chloe Woods

Please help us welcome Chloe Woods, who has accepted the CER position in our Eau Claire office!


Chloe is currently a student majoring in Accounting as well as Operations & Supply Chain Management! Not only are her classes a perfect match for her new role, but also her previous customer service experience! She will be responsible for helping, building relationships, and delivering the #citizensexperience to our customers daily!


One interesting fact about Chloe is that she hopes to travel to Italy some day! She mentioned that three things she would do in Italy are go swimming at the Amalfi Coast, eat their authentic pasta, and visit Vatican City! Turns out Chloe’s favorite food is Chicken Alfredo! If she ever has the chance to visit Italy, we know that’ll be the pasta she’ll order first!


Again, welcome Chloe! We are so excited to see your story unfold here at Citizens!