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Class of 2022: Skylar Rickstad

New Employee

Posted on August 30, 2022

Class of 2022: Skylar Rickstad

Help us welcome Skylar Rickstad to the CER position at our La Crosse office!


Skylar is currently a student athlete at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse studying Biology and playing volleyball! She has great interpersonal communication and customer service skills which is a perfect fit for our CER line!


Although Skylar stays busy with work and school, she enjoys being spontaneous in her free time! In fact, the craziest thing she has ever done was travel around Colorado and live out of her car for a week! Another interesting thing about Skylar is that she wants to get her pilot’s license at some point in her life! We think that would be awesome and would love to see where she’d go!


Skylar is definitely a true Wisconsinite because the two things she’d miss the most on a deserted island would be bacon tater tot mac n’ cheese and chocolate milk! We’d have to agree… Life would not be the same in Wisconsin without cheese or milk!


Again, welcome Skylar! We can’t wait to watch you grow here at Citizens!