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Class of 2022: Laura Hoisington

New Employee

Posted on July 7, 2022

Class of 2022: Laura Hoisington

We are so excited to welcome Laura Hoisington, who accepted the Administrative Assistant position in our Clayton office!


Laura’s story at Citizens begins with her having a long history of working in a casino! Although that is slightly different than banking, both deal with money! When Laura is not in the office, she enjoys planting flowers, especially lilies! She is also a big family person and likes to ride in the UTV with her husband and spend time with her 16 grandchildren!


One of the most incredible places that Laura has visited would have to be the caves in Branson, Missouri! That sounds like an amazing trip to us! Something at the top of Laura’s bucket list would be to go camping and riding in the Grand Canyon! We think that would be a blast and hope she is able to do this soon!


Again, please welcome Laura! We are beyond excited to have you a part of our Citizens family!