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Class of 2021: McKenly Moua

New Employee

Posted on December 21, 2021

Class of 2021: McKenly Moua

Please join us in welcoming McKenly Moua to the Citizens State Bank Team! McKenley is our new IT Computer Support Specialist. He is currently a Western Finance student and comes to us with a variety of experience, most recently as a machine operator.

He is a history buff and loves the history channel, rap music, and is a huge fan of  Drake. One bucket list item for him is to harvest a Grizzly Bear in the mountains (we get the feeling he’s a big fan of the outdoors as well). 


Being an outdoorsman, we sprung this question on him, “what would you crave if stuck on a desert island?” He answered with Pho and Arnold Palmers (1/2 tea, 1/2 lemonade). The craziest thing McKenly has ever done is swing over a canyon in Colorado. He told us he has no hidden talents, however, he seems to have no fear of heights or bears. His one wish for everyone is FREE GAS! We are excited to have him on the team!