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Class of 2021: Logan Braun

New Employee

Posted on December 29, 2021

Class of 2021: Logan Braun

We are pleased to announce that Logan Braun has accepted the CER I position in the La Crosse office. Logan is a Finance major at UW-L.


Logan loves to play golf, hockey, watch ESPN, and play the occasional video game when not attending class. We asked him to tell us one thing on his ‘Bucket List’. He said he wants to take a month-long trip in Europe and take the train from country to country. He had planned to study abroad his junior year, but COVID ruined that. If he were stuck on a desert island, he’d be craving steak and beer (sounds good to us!). He’s a fan of all kinds of music and has the amazing hidden talent of touching his tongue to his nose (hopefully not in it!).


If Logan had one wish, he would wish to enjoy his job out of college so he could live a happy life while working. We couldn’t agree with that more!  Please join me in welcoming Logan Braun to the Citizens Team!!!