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Class of 2021: Sam Besl

New Employee

Posted on July 8, 2021

Class of 2021: Sam Besl

Please join us in welcoming our newest talent, Sam Besl, to the Citizens family! Sam joins our La Crosse team as a Relationship Banker and brings several years of previous banking experience to his new role with Citizens State Bank.

Sam is another addition to our list of hometown talent as he is from La Crosse, Wisconsin where he has two brothers. Sam's favorite activity is to spend time with his family. The craziest thing that he has ever done is crowd surfing at a Tom Petty concert.. hopefully he didn't end up free fallin'. If Sam were to somehow crowd surf himself onto a desert island and become stranded with only coconuts, he would crave peanut butter the most. Do you think that pairs well with coconuts?  One of the questions we like to ask our new talent is what items are on their bucket list. Sam would like to visit the Emperor's Palace in Japan, dress in Samurai armor and weild the Emperor's famous sword. 


Everybody has that one favorite radio station or playlist they jam out to. For Sam, you can find him listening to 102.7 - ROCK! Solid choice. Hidden talents is a subject that comes up with all of our newest talents. Sam is very good at certain impressions. He can also make an old fashioned bike horn noise.  A man of many talents.

Lastly, we asked Sam what he would wish for if he could be granted just one. Sam would like for his wife and kids to be taken care of for the rest of their lives.

Welcome to Citizens, Sam! We are excited to have you!