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Class of 2021: Jordan Rettig

New Employee

Posted on July 20, 2021

Class of 2021: Jordan Rettig

Please join us in welcoming our newest talent, Jordan Rettig, to the Citizens family! Jordan is a Business Administration major at UW - Eau Claire and brings previous experience in customer service to her new role as a CER (Part-Time Teller) in our Eau Claire office. 


Jordan reigns from a town named Gibbon, Minnesota whwere she has one younger sister.  Her favorite activity is to spend some time outdoors deer hunting. Jordan's favorite TV channel is ESPN where she can cheer on her favorite baseball team, the Minnesota Twins. When we asked Jordan about the craziest thing she has ever done, she told us about her time going cross country skiing in the mountains of Colorado. Jordan also said it wasn't just the craziest thing she has done, but the most fun as well! 


When we asked Jordan about any hidden talents she may have, she immediately pointed out that she is left handed. "I believe this is a hidden talent in itself", she said. Should Jordan ever become stranded on a desert island with only coconuts, she would be craving mac & cheese with milk the most. Jordan's adventerous spirit shows on her bucket list where she has the goal of visiting every state park in Minnesota - she has already crossed 15 off the list. While she is driving to all of the state parks, you will always find her listening to country music on the car stereo.

Lastly, we asked Jordan what she would wish for if she could be granted just one wish. She would wish for the ability to not need sleep in order to have more time in the day.

Welcome to Citizens, Jordan, we are excited to have you!