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Class of 2021: Rachel Spaeth

New Employee

Posted on May 4, 2021

Class of 2021: Rachel Spaeth

Please join us in welcoming our newest talent, Rachel Spaeth, to the Citizens family! Rachel joins us as a CER I (Part-Time Teller) in our La Crosse office. Rachel is currently a student at UW – La Crosse and brings several years of customer service experience to her new role at Citizens State Bank.

Rachel reigns from her hometown of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, where she grew up with three siblings: two brothers and one sister. Her favorite activity is water skiing and rumor has it you can find her skiing in the winter as well. The answer for Rachel's favorite TV channel is one that has been quite common among our new team members in 2021: the streaming platform called Netflix! Ever hear of it? The craziest thing that Rachel has ever done can be summed up in one word: skydiving! If Rachel ever somehow went skydiving and ended up landing on a desert island, she would find herself craving sparkling water and spring rolls the most.

We asked Rachel about the items she has on her bucket list and the first thing she said was that she would like to take a year off and visit ALL of the national parks. She's going to need some good music for that road trip, right? Rachel tells us that you can find her listening to pop music on her car's stereo!

Lastly, we asked Rachel what her wish would be if she were granted just one: to have unlimited time.

Welcome to Citizens, Rachel! We are excited to have you.