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Class of 2021: Erin Nilsestuen

New Employee

Posted on May 11, 2021

Class of 2021: Erin Nilsestuen

Please join us in welcoming our newest talent, Erin Nilsestuen, to the Citizens family! Erin joins us as a H.E.R.O. Specialist in our La Crosse office. Erin joins us as a recent graduate of the Western Technical College Human Resources program.


Erin grew up in Arcadia, Wisconsin and has two older brothers. Her favorite activity is to go hiking, which there are plenty of opportunities for in the Coulee Region! Erin's favorite TV channel is HGTV, and she would consider her hidden talent to be baking. Erin is an "amazing baker" - her words. The craziest thing that Erin has ever done occured when she was visiting Norway; she jumped into an ice cold fjord. If Erin were to find herself stranded on a desert island, she would crave coffee and tacos the most!

We asked Erin about some of the items on her bucket list, and she was very quick to tell us about her desire to travel to Europe! That's going to be a long trip, so she might need some music too. The music that Erin is most likely listening to in her car is pop 2K on satellite radio. Does anybody know if they have satellite radio on flights across the pond?

Lastly, we asked Erin what she would wish for if she could be granted just one. Erin wants the ability to fly!

Welcome to Citizens, Erin! We are excited to have you!