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Class of 2021: Tricia Olson

New Employee

Posted on April 8, 2021

Class of 2021: Tricia Olson

Please join us in welcoming our newest talent, Tricia Olson, to the Citizens family! Tricia comes to us with previous management, customer service, and recruiting experience. She will be joining our Onalaska office as an Administrative Assistant.

Tricia reigns from Bettendorf, Iowa, where she grew up with one older sister and a twin brother! Tricia's favorite activity is to hang out around bonfires and listen to music. Her favorite TV channel is the Food Network. The craziest thing that Tricia has ever done was get her first tattoo when she was 16 years old. If Tricia ever became stranded on a desert island, she would crave chocolate the most.

Tricia's bucket list includes a few different activities and goals. The one she chose to share with us is to travel across the United States to sightsee and go camping! Once Tricia sets up her campsites, you can probably find her sitting around the camp fire and listening to classic rock - her favorite genre of music and the most likely to be playing on her car stereo.

Lastly, we asked Tricia what her wish would be if she could be granted just one. She would wish for health and happiness for all of her friends and family!

Welcome to Citizens, Tricia! We are excited to have you!