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Class of 2021: Amy Brown

New Employee

Posted on March 30, 2021

Class of 2021: Amy Brown

Please join us in welcoming our newest talent, Amy Brown, to the Citizens family! Amy comes to us with over seven years of previous banking experience and over a year of administrative experience. She will be joining our La Crosse office as a Loan Processor.

Amy originates from Spencer, WI, where she grew up with three brothers and four sisters. Amy's favorite activity is to go biking. Her favorite TV channel is to stream on Amazon Prime. The craziest thing that Amy has ever done is go skydiving. She says she has no desire to do it again, but it was the most amazing rush she has ever felt! If Amy ever found herself stranded on a desert island, the meal she would crave the most is steak and wine.


We also dove into some items on Amy's bucket list, and the one holding that top spot is to travel to Australia. Maybe she will listen to some country or pop music on her way to the land downunder! After all, that is the type of music Amy said would be playing on her car stereo if we checked.

Lastly, we asked Amy what her wish would be if she could be granted just one. She would love to find a cure for MS.

Welcome to Citizens, Amy! We are excited to have you!