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Class of 2021: Aidan Ebner

New Employee

Posted on February 11, 2021

Class of 2021: Aidan Ebner

Please join us in welcoming our newest team member, Aidan Ebner, to the Citizens Family! Aidan graduated from UW-La Crosse in December 2020 with a BS in Finance and a Psychology minor. Aidan joins us as a Credit Analyst in our La Crosse office. 


Aidan was born in Owatonna, Minnesota and does not have any siblings. His favorite activity is spending time on the golf course hitting fairways and sinking putts. If Aidan is watching TV chances are he has Fox Sports on. When we asked Aidan about his hidden talents he told us he used to be a pretty good drawer in his younger days. Though, as he grew older and became more involved with other extracurriculars he didn't have as much time to keep up his craft so he wouldn't consider it a hidden talent today. 


If Aidan was stranded on a desert island, the food and drink he would crave the most is pizza and beer. A classic. His bucket list includes a hunting trip out West to Montana or Wyoming to hunt for elk, mule deer, or bear. This is right in line with the craziest thing he has ever done: a 4 day and 5 night backpacking trip in Colorado that included whitewater rafting, rock climbing, and a hike up to the peak of Mt Yale - over 14,000 feet in elevation! "It was one of the hardest, coolest, and most humbling experiences of my life. It is truly amazing when you feel like you are literally on top of the world".


If Aidan had one wish, he would wish for a million dollars, but that's what everyone says! So he took it a step farther and said he would wish for a guaranteed prospserous life for his friends, family, and himself. Whether that be in financial stability, good health, relationships, or achieving life goals and dreams. What a guy!

Lastly, we asked what music would be playing on Aidan's car stereo if we checked and he answered with a rousing "country music for sure"!

Welcome to Citizens, Aidan!