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Class of 2021: Pa Jai Moua

New Employee

Posted on January 21, 2021

Class of 2021: Pa Jai Moua

Please join us in welcoming our first member of the Class of 2021, Pa Jai Moua, to the Citizens family! Pa Jai brings many years of customer her service to her new role as a CER in the Eau Claire office.

Pa Jai originates from Eau Claire, WI where she grew up with two brothers and two sisters. Her favorite activity is baking and playing volleyball! If she wanted to watch TV, she would have either the Food Network or HGTV on all day. PA Jai does not claim to have any hiddn talents, but we might be willing to consider those baking skills of hers. 


We asked Pa Jai what food and drink she would crave if she were stuck on a desert island, and this is what she said: "I would crave eggrolls the most. I could eat eggrolls everyday if i could! For the drink, I would crave any fruity juice or my favorite - Chai Tea Latte". Pa Jai's bucket list also includes a trip to France to try the best pastry shops or to somewhere in Asia to try the exotic foods. This is right in line with what she would want if she only had one wish... Pa Jai would wish to own her own official bakery shop.

Lastly, when we asked what music would be playing on her car stereo, Pa Jai was quick to say it would either be Country music or Christmas Music!

Welcome to Citizens, Pa Jai, we are excited to have you!