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Class of 2020: Haley Gronholz

New Employee

Posted on December 3, 2020

Class of 2020: Haley Gronholz

Please join us in welcoming our newest talent, Haley Gronholz, to the Citizens family! Haley brings forward cashier and customer service experience to her new role at Citiznes as a CER in our Onalaska office. 


Haley was born in Holmen WI where she grew up with just one younger sister. Her favorite activity is to hang out with friends. Haley's favorite TV channel is more of her favorite platform, as she considers Netflix to be her favorite! Haley doesn't feel she has any hidden talents, although she can make a clover shape with her tongue. It's estimated that only around 15% of the population can do that, so we will consider that a hidden talent! 


The craziest thing that Haley has ever done is one you don't usually see from a Wisconsinite - she held an alligator in New Orleans! Can you believe she considered this "mildly" crazy? This adventerous spirit does spill over to Haley's bucket list though, as she wants to explore the world. Haley wants to travel everywhere but she does have a favorite vacation spot in Huatulco, Mexico. If she were ever to become stranded on a desert island while doing this traveling, Haley would crave some grilled cheese above all else. Stranded on a desert island would leave her missing her earl 2000's or 80's music that she usually listens to in the car, though.

Lastly, if Haley had one wish it would be to wish for more wishes! Depending on your genie, that one might be against the rules.

Welcome to Citizens, Haley, we are excited to have you!