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Class of 2020: Clint Baurichter

New Employee

Posted on December 10, 2020

Class of 2020: Clint Baurichter

Please join us in welcoming our newest talent, Clint Baurichter, to the Citizens family in La Crosse! Clint brings previous experience in lending to the table here at Citizens in his new role as a Business Banking Officer!

Clint was born in Ripon, WI and grew up with four sisters and two brothers. His favorite activity is to go hunting and fishing. Clint's favorite TV Channel is the NFL Redzone channel, especially when they go to a four-screen split with four games all at once - that's the good stuff! If Clint had to identify a hidden talent of his, he would say it is his ability to retain "completely useless and random facts".

When we asked Clint about the craziest thing he has ever done, he had just the story to share! Clint was snorkeling over an oil tanker shipwreck in Aruba on a day with some choppy waters. It was advised that only strong swimmers enter the water and despite being a self-procliamed 'terrible swimmer', Clint jumped right in - no fear! He swam right out to where the shipwreck was before realizing he was the only one to have jumped in! Eventually others joined him and he was able to have an awesome experience and capture some great photos of the sunken oil tanker.

Clint's bucket list involves a similar activity to snorkeling, as he wants to go diving in a protective cage and swim with the sharks! Jaws was his favorite movie as a kid, after all. If Clint became stranded on a desert island after swimming with the sharks, he would be craving the biggest and juiciest hamburger he could find - excellent choice!

Lastly, if Clint had one wish it would be to go back 5 minutes in time at any given moment. That way he would never trip, stub his toe, smash his finger with a hammer, or get hit by a car! Clint just outsmarted life.

Welcome to Citizens, Clint, we are excited to have you!