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Class of 2020: Brian Cossette

New Employee

Posted on November 19, 2020

Class of 2020: Brian Cossette

Please join us in welcoming our newest takent, Brian Cossette, to the Citizens family in La Crosse! Brian brings multiple avenues of banking experience to the table here at Citizens in his new role as Controller.

Brian was born in Aurora, Colorado and currently resides in Holmen, WI. He has two siblings - a brother and a sister. Brian's favorite activity is golfing - Fore! His favorite TV channel is ABC and while he doesn't consider himself to have any hidden talents he does say his inability to wink is a fun fact about himself!

The craziest thing that Brian has ever done is parasailing in the Dominican Republic. His bucketlist is a little more calming, but just as awesome as he wants to attend all four majors on the PGA Tour. If Brian was stuck on a desert island he would find himself craving chicken wings and IPA beer the most. That's a meal right there. Wondering what his music of choice is? When he pulls up to the golf course, he will be bumping country music.

Lastly, if Brian had one wish it would be to have the ability to remember everything

Welcome to Citizens, Brian, we are excited to have you!