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Class of 2020: Alana Docken

New Employee

Posted on August 3, 2020

Class of 2020: Alana Docken

Please join us in welcoming our newest Credit Analyst, Alana Docken, to the La Crosse office! Alana joins our team after previously living in Hawaii, although she is from nearby Trempealeau, WI! Safe to say she took the scenic route to Citizens State Bank, don't you think?


Alana grew up with one (1) brother. We asked her what her favorite activity was and she said "baking"... which is a far cry from the craziest thing she has ever done: Skydiving while living in Hawaii! Skydiving itself would be pretty intense, but could you imagine the views doing it in Hawaii? WOW! Another one of Alana's favorites that she told us about is her favorite TV channel: HGTV! She does not believe that she has any hidden talents...but if she told us she did, it wouldn't be hidden anymore, would it? Don't worry, Alana, your secret is safe with us!  


One of the more fun questions we like to ask our new employees is what they would crave if they were stranded on a desert island. Alana said she would be craving pizza and coffee the most. You can never go wrong with the classics! One of the the items on her bucket list is to travel to Europe, specifically Greece! She also told us that if we checked her car stereo, we would be hearing country music.


Lastly, we asked Alana what her wish would be if she only got one: Alana would wish to have a happy and healthy life!


Welcome to the Citizens Family, Alana, we are thrilled to have you!