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Class of 2020: Katie Henningsen

New Employee

Posted on July 28, 2020

Class of 2020: Katie Henningsen

Please join us in welcoming our new CER III, Katie Henningsen, to our Eau Claire office! Katie originates from Hudson, WI and grew up with one (1) sister. Her favorite activity is playing the greatest sport of all: hockey! How cool is that?

The craziest thing that Katie has ever done is driving a Rolls Royce in downtown LA traffic during an accounting internship. As the story goes, the normal driver called in sick and since Katie had finished up her work for the day, she was nominated as tribute! Can you imagine the stress of LA traffic, coupled with being responsible for Rolls Royce?? Yikes! Her adventurous spirit doesn't end there, though, as her bucket list includes a trip to Bali.


 Katie does boast a hidden talent as well: she can read at high speeds, which gives her an advantage when it comes to watching Jeopardy with anybody - challengers welcome! Her favorite TV channel is TruTV and if we checked her car stereo, rumor has it we would find a country station. If she could have one wish, she would want to communicate with animals. Lastly, we asked what she would crave if she was stranded on a desert island: Pasta and Pepsi - The double P's! 

Welcome, Katie, to the Citizens family!