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New Employee

Posted on June 18, 2020

Class of 2020: Christine Voye

Please join us in welcoming our newest Deposit Operations Specialist, Christine Voye, to our La Crosse office! Christine recently moved from Chicago to La Crosse, but her original hometown is Woodville, WI. She grew up with seven (7) sisters. Wow, talk about a full house! Christine is the adventurous type. Her favorite activity is going to the beach and the craziest thing she has ever done was dune bashing (described by herself as driving through sand dunes with slightly deflated tires) in Dubai! The adventure in her heart extends to her bucket list where she would like to travel to Europe someday. Christine boasts her hidden talent as being rather handy; she prides herself in fixing her mom's broken sink on her own! It's only fitting that she enjoys traveling because we had to ask her what she would crave the most if she were ever stranded on a desert island. Her answer? Water and fruit. Unfortunately, being stranded on an island would not allow her to watch her favorite TV channel, ABC, or listen to her favorite Christian music. Lastly, we asked what one wish Christine would have granted and she would like to wish for a new house for her mom. Welcome to the Citizens family, Christine! We are so happy you joined us.