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Class of 2020: Abby Norland

New Employee

Posted on May 28, 2020

Class of 2020: Abby Norland

We would like to give a great big Citizens welcome to the La Crosse office's new General Manager/Mortgage Loan Officer, Abby Norland! 


Abby comes to us from her hometown of Winona, MN. She has one sibling and enjoys gardening as her favorite activity. The craziest thing that Abby has ever done was taking a vacation at an Air B&B in Miami, FL with her husband, where they decided to spontaneously adventure down to the Florida Keys and spend the rest of their trip there! Her bucket list also includes some fun vacation items. Right at the top of the list is a vacation to Greece that her and her husband would like to take!


Abby also spent time as a licensed hairdresser for 9 years before transitioning into the banking industry. She considers this her "not-so-hidden talent". Abby also told us that she would crave pasta and wine the most should she ever be stranded on a desert island, a dinner that she may or may not have learned how to make while watching her favorite TV channel: the Food Network. 


We are ecstatic to welcome Abby and her wide taste in music to Citizens - she says her car radio features anything from 90's R&B, Hip-Hop, or Today's Country on Amazon Music.


 Stop in and introduce yourself to La Crosse's new General Manager/Mortgage Loan Officer!