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Class of 2020: Jordan Gray

New Employee

Posted on March 4, 2020

Class of 2020: Jordan Gray

Please join us in welcoming Jordan Gray to our La Crosse CER team! Jordan comes to us from Wausau, WI and is middle child of five - two younger brothers and two older sisters. Jordan is currently still a student at UW-La Crosse studying Finance. 


Jordan is a big travel guy. He once traveled to 5 (five!!!) different countries in the span of a week and a half. He accomplished this by taking nine (9!!!) different flights, three trains, and a ferry across the Baltic Sea. Jordan said he had a great time, although the hassle of catching flights and navigating countries he had never been to in such a short amount of time got to be pretty crazy. Right at the top of his bucket list is traveling to Singapor and Thailand. However, if his travels ever left him stranded on a deserted island, he would be craving a nice crisp and fresh cucumber water. 

Jordan also enjoys playing board games with his friends, watching NBC for their TV shows and sports, and seeking new music via Spotify's discover weekly albums. 


Lastly, we asked Jordan what his one wish would be and he said: "An efficient way to divide resources in world governments to provide for the world population". 


Welcome to the Citizens family, Jordan! We are so happy you are here.