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Engaged Employee: Collin Kuhn

Engaged Employee of the Quarter

Posted on May 1, 2024

Engaged Employee: Collin Kuhn

Senior Leadership is excited to announce Collin Kuhn has been named Engaged Employee of the 1st Quarter! Collin's dedication, innovation, and commitment to excellence have set an exemplary standard for all of us. Collin has consistently demonstrated outstanding engagement through various initiatives and contributions.


Always up for a challenge, Collin's efforts have significantly boosted our online presence with a plethora of positive Google reviews, enhancing our brand reputation and attracting potential new customers to the bank.


His proactive approach to his role has led to the signing up of many new merchants on Bazing, expanding our network and offering more value to our customers. Collin's personal use of the Bazing app has garnered him an impressive 36 Get More™ wins so far this year, highlighting his dedication to maximizing the benefits of our Get More™ account and making the employees aware of how they can save too!


Collin continually goes above and beyond his regular duties by actively mentoring his peers, particularly with CENAS/CES phone training, and fostering a culture of "yes I can" attitude, ensuring collective success for the Clayton team and the company as a whole.  With his help we recently celebrated our highest numbers for a month of surveys!


Outside-the-box thinking has also resulted in 3-star recommendations to improve our company processes for the first quarter, and Collin's infectious enthusiasm has been evident in the 50 cheers he has sent since January, fostering a fun and positive work environment for all of us!


Collin's empathy, patience, and dedication is confirmed with the time he spends assisting the Clayton customers, especially the older clientele, helping them understand and maximize the rewards of the Get More™ account, thereby strengthening customer relationships and loyalty. He has been extremely helpful to customers in helping them with debit card fraud.  Because of his go get 'em attitude and patience, he’s spent many hours calling merchants with his customers to get them quick refunds on fraud!


Collin, your passion, dedication, and commitment to excellence truly embody the spirit of an engaged employee. Your efforts have not only benefited the company but have also inspired your colleagues. We are immensely grateful for your contributions.


Please join us in congratulating Collin on this well-deserved recognition! Let us continue to emulate his example and strive for excellence in all that we do.