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Engaged Employee: Nick Skibba

Engaged Employee of the Quarter

Posted on October 24, 2023

Engaged Employee: Nick Skibba

Executive Leadership is excited to announce Nick Skibba as our Engaged Employee of the Quarter!


Nick consistently embodies and exemplifies our core values in every action and initiative he takes on. Whether it is a day-to-day task or a new project rollout, he thinks like the boss, as he is so emotionally committed to the bank’s success. This past year he has shown great initiative and leadership in being a key member of our CRM rollout to include feedback, policy creation, and training. This has been a major task and will have a significant impact on the organization for years to come.

Recently, Nick displayed a great “Yes, I Can” attitude when he asked what he could do to help with the transformation of our Customer Care department. He has a desire for EXCELLENCE, so he rolled up his sleeves to learn and make changes to our process and procedures during the transformation. This will have a big impact on many areas of the bank in addition to our customers.


Despite taking on leadership in many different areas recently, he has not lost focus on taking care of his customers, providing value, and an experience like no other. His customers are not a number to him, but rather more of a friend or family member. He is consistently going the extra mile and providing feedback to make their business more successful.

Several years ago, Nick organized the first annual Citizens Cup. The Citizen’s Cup was another way for our employees to get together outside of the bank and golf together. It has been a huge success and an event many employees look forward to each year.  Fun is had by all and just another way Nick shows his ENGAGEMENT by nurturing our culture.

We are incredibly fortunate to have Nick as a part of our team. His unwavering commitment to our core values and his contributions both in and outside the office, truly make a difference. Again, congratulations Nick! Thank you for always going above and beyond to mentor, build relationships, give back, and engage with our culture!