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Engaged Employee of the Quarter

Engaged Employee of the Quarter

Posted on January 19, 2023

Engaged Employee of the Quarter

Executive Leadership is excited to announce that Jared Leis is our Engaged Employee of the Quarter here at Citizens State Bank!


Jared’s story started in 2015 and his dedication to both his customers and coworkers is something that does not go unnoticed. From being the most requested mentor amongst our employees to continually creating value for his customers, Jared truly carries out the #citizensexperience each day!


Jared is a perfect example of an employee who goes above and beyond, especially when mentoring and supporting his peers. Here at Citizens, we are fortunate enough to have mentors who help guide us and reach our goals throughout the year. Jared’s positivity and growth mindset is something that our employees notice and respect greatly! He also took the initiative to lead our Senior Leadership Team at this year’s Strategic Planning Meeting! Jared, without a doubt, is emotionally committed to everyone’s success at the bank and is always willing to help his coworkers reach their full potential!


Jared also never stops creating value for his customers and their businesses! One of the biggest ways he does this is through his engagement with his customers social media! He is continually liking, commenting, and sharing posts to help spread the word about the businesses he works with closely! Interacting with social media is something we value a lot here at Citizens because we know how it can positively impact the success of a business!


His story at Citizens continues with his dedication to his local community! One amazing organization that Jared is a part of is the Kiwanis Flag Project, which he co-started! This organization raises and donates money to different nonprofits that support children. The main event that Jared helps with is the “Kiwanis Day of Fun,” which is held for individuals with disabilities to come and enjoy food and games! Jared is also the cochair for the National Wild Turkey Federation! For this specific nonprofit, he runs different events and banquets throughout the year! We are so thankful to have an employee like Jared for giving back and making an impact in the community!


Again, congratulations Jared! Thank you for always being a positive influence and participating in our culture here at Citizens! We look forward to watching you grow and mentor your peers for the years to come!