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Engaged Employee of the Quarter

Engaged Employee of the Quarter

Posted on October 20, 2022

Engaged Employee of the Quarter

Executive Leadership is excited to announce that Julie Berg is our Engaged Employee of the Quarter here at Citizens!


Julie’s story here began in 2007 and she has truly lived out the #CitizensExperience and our Core Values since joining the bank. From her “Yes I Can” attitude and continual desire to help those around her, Julie is always ready to make each day in the office great!


Although there are several things that Julie has done to help contribute to the bank, one reason is her commitment to helping our Loan Processors, Quality Resources, Relationship Bankers, and Mortgage Lenders. Here at Citizens, the “M” in “Engagement” stands for “Mentors and Supports Peers.” Julie does this by continuing to share her knowledge in her field with those around her and is always willing to lend a helping hand whenever needed!


Another way in which Julie contributes to the bank is her dedication to help when short staffed. Without being asked, Julie offered to assist our Clayton office during one of the biggest changes Citizens has gone through, which was our core conversion. By offering to live in a hotel for the week and be in the Clayton office, Julie not only made it easier on our employees, but also on our customers! Julie is also always one of the first to volunteer when covering our DFI desk. In fact, she challenged our employees to sign up for coverage and treated everyone with a dessert! We are so fortunate to have an employee like Julie, who is emotionally committed to the bank’s success in every way!


Julie’s story at Citizens continues with her engagement outside of the office. Giving back is something we greatly value, and Julie always goes above and beyond in her local community. She volunteers at Steppin’ Out in Pink, delivers Mobile Meals, and reads to 3rd graders at Hamilton. Along with her volunteer efforts, Julie has participated in two coffee deliveries around town and has acknowledged many of her co-workers with TINYpulse cheers this past quarter! Her dedication to give back to her community is something that does not go unnoticed.


Again, congratulations Julie! Thank you for always having a glass half-full attitude and adding positivity to the bank! We look forward to watching you continue to mentor your peers and provide the #CitizensExperience!