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Engaged Employee of the Quarter: Jill McGrath

Engaged Employee of the Quarter

Posted on October 19, 2021

Engaged Employee of the Quarter: Jill McGrath

Senior Leadership is excited to announce that Jill McGrath is our Engaged Employee of the Quarter!


Our mouse pad says, “Engagement is choosing to go above & beyond.” If you look at everything Jill does within the organization, you won’t find all of it on her job description. Not only does Jill execute tasks with excellence, she chooses to take on more work than her job description outlines because of her emotional commitment to the success of Citizens and her coworkers.


In a year that has seen a tremendous amount of staffing changes in LP, Jill has embraced a “Yes, I can!” attitude to help the bank. As we’ve continued to generate an above-average number of home loans, she has carried the load singlehandedly, as Jill is the primary processor for these loans for all mortgage lenders in all offices! On a couple of occasions, this translated to 7 closings in a week and 5 closings in a single day – WOW!


For years, Jill has been a strong mentor and supporter for the LP team. Her expertise has been invaluable in bringing aboard several newer coworkers; just ask Taylor, Amy B., or Jeremy how much she has helped them these past few months in a time when her role has been as demanding as it has ever been. Jill is continually thinking of ways to create more value and is a regular Star Recommendation contributor. A recent idea of hers related to collecting data from our home lenders has led to more consistency and efficiency, which not only benefits the mortgage lending process today but will pay dividends immediately as we train new LPs in a more effective way. Another example of her creating value is the recent development of a thorough 59-page guide for new LPs learning mortgage loan processes; she saw the need and took the initiative to support her peers.


Jill loves the Citizens culture and is active in nurturing it and promoting the bank. She recently joined coworkers in the Steppin’ Out in Pink fundraiser and shared that on social media, where she’s regularly active in promoting the bank. Jill also recently organized a coffee delivery to advertise the #CitizensExperience.


Congratulations, Jill! Thank you for your outstanding engagement and commitment to Citizens State Bank!