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Engaged Employee of the Quarter: Abby Norland

Engaged Employee of the Quarter

Posted on August 2, 2021

Engaged Employee of the Quarter: Abby Norland

Senior Leadership is excited to announce that Abby Norland is our Engaged Employee of the Quarter!

Abby carries herself with a “Yes, I can!” attitude and a glass half-full perspective. She nurtures the Citizens culture with laughter, and you’ll rarely see her without a smile on her face!


When Abby started at Citizens, mortgage applications were on the rise. After coming back from maternity leave, she taught herself how to process mortgages with the help of the other mortgage lenders. Additionally, she took her training one step further by creating a checklist to walk her through the steps of processing an application, as well as collecting the necessary files for the application. Abby sought guidance from multiple mortgage lenders and loan processors to learn how she could be a successful lender. Abby has recently joined consumer loan training, soaking up what she doesn’t know and sharing what she does know!


When it comes to WOWing our customers, this comes natural to Abby! She can often be found welcoming in customers with an engaging conversation and helping them find the correct employee to meet their needs. Abby recently worked closely with a couple on their mortgage, and they were so pleased with the experience they received, they sent her flowers! Abby sees every customer interaction as an opportunity to ask about the perks of banking at Citizens.


Not only does Abby WOW our customers, but she also WOWs our staff. Abby steps in to help wherever necessary; recently she has been working at the Director of First Impressions’ desk! She believes in recognizing her employees in special ways to show that she sees and appreciates them. As the supervisor of the CERs and RBs in the La Crosse office, Abby has taken the initiative to learn the responsibilities of these positions and the programs that are used. This ensures that her team has a resource to go to when questions arise. Abby has made numerous suggestions for tightening up vault procedures and key logs, as well as following up with the team to make sure everyone understands the policies.


Abby celebrates her daily wins and the wins of her team. She fosters the Citizens culture by holding others accountable and is always creating new goals with a plan for how the team can achieve them. Abby loves to be in on the bank fun and is the defending 2nd place champ of the annual egg race challenge! One of her proudest moments from 2020 is how her team rallied around each other to stay positive during the COVID-19 pandemic. Abby is a top sender of Cheers and frequently submits stories on the Funny Board! She sees ways to make the bank a better place, like adding assessments for new employees at the 90-day mark, etc. Abby is also actively involved in bank and volunteer events and engaging with our social media.


Congratulations, Abby! Thank you for your unwavering engagement and commitment to Citizens State Bank!