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Engaged Employee of the Quarter: Mariah Langrehr

Engaged Employee of the Quarter

Posted on October 21, 2020

Engaged Employee of the Quarter: Mariah Langrehr

When Mariah walks in the door each morning with a smile, energy, and confidence, she positively impacts everyone she interacts with. If you are fortunate enough to work closely with her, you know it will be fun when she is present. Mariah is continuously nurturing our culture to work hard and play hard in all that she does (Soup Club, yoga, baby showers, etc.) and isn’t afraid to poke fun at herself (hence her encounter with a spider on Funny Board).


Her glass half-full approach with a ‘yes, I can’ attitude has been the top driver of her success and growth in the organization after starting at the Bank right out of college. Mariah recognizes avoiding and squashing BWM will positively impact her and the Bank. Most are willing to help their coworkers at the Bank when asked, however, Mariah takes the initiative to help without being asked.


Recent staffing changes left a void with credit card processing, and without being asked, she took action to make sure the Bank wouldn’t experience any service or operational issues. Mariah identified several long-standing issues and got them all resolved in a short period of time. Again, this was all done before she was even asked for help. Jumping in and helping comes natural to Mariah, as she is emotionally engaged to the Bank.


Mariah’s emotional engagement to the Bank, along with her desire to WOW her customers, led her to go the extra mile while working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Having to stay home with her son Logan presented many challenges, however, Mariah spent late nights and weekends making sure the Bank and her customers were well taken care of, all with a smile.


Her commitment to leave her comfort zone has led Mariah to success in creating value for her customers and delivering the #citizensexperience. As a result, Mariah has brought significant loans and deposits to the Bank in the last year. She loves a challenge and never has an excuse, which is why Mariah is always one of the first to complete the “To Do” items for the weekly Business Banker Pulse meetings.


If someone wants to know what it means to lead by example at the Bank, just follow in Mariah’s footsteps (does she ever miss anything on social media?)! There is no wonder why she was asked to tell her story in our recent culture video! Mariah is what Citizens stands for!!