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Banking Made Easy: Mastering Mobile Deposit with Citizens Digital App

Posted on January 31, 2024

Banking Made Easy: Mastering Mobile Deposit with Citizens Digital App

In our commitment to combine convenience with functionality, Citizens State Bank's Citizens Digital app brings the power of banking directly to your fingertips. Mobile Deposit enables you to deposit checks anytime, anywhere on your mobile device or tablet. Let's walk through the steps!


Step 1: Endorse Your Check


As with any check you must endorse!  Turn your check over and endorse it by signing your name (do not print), followed by writing the words "For Mobile Deposit Only to Acct #__." This step is paramount as it ensures the check is designated for mobile deposit to your specific account, enhancing security and preventing any potential deposit delays and errors.


Step 2: Choose Your Account On The App


Select the account that you would like the check to be deposited into. This directs your funds to the right account without any hassle.


Step 3: Accept the Agreement (First Time Users Only)


First-time users will need to accept the Mobile Deposit Agreement. This is a one-time process, setting the stage for all future deposits.


Step 4: Capture the Check Amount


Tap the camera button to enter and confirm the check's amount. Accuracy is key, so double-check the figures.


Step 5: Photograph Your Check


Front and Back: Take clear pictures of both the front and back of your check. The app will guide you to ensure the photos meet quality standards.  We find it helpful if you place the check on a dark surface then get ready to take the picture.

Front: Verify all check details are visible and clear.

Back: Confirm that your endorsement is legible, and the check's back is well captured.


Step 6: Confirm and Deposit


Review the deposit details, especially the quality of the check images. It's crucial that the check's information is readable to prevent any delays in processing. The legal amount of the check is what is written out in words on the dollars line not the numbers. If satisfied, confirm the deposit.


Again, endorsing your check is a step that cannot be overstated in its importance. It's not just a formality - it's a critical security measure that protects you by ensuring the check is deposited directly into your account by you and nowhere else. By following these streamlined steps, you're not only making a deposit, you're engaging with a banking solution that respects your time and prioritizes your security. Citizens State Bank is here to make sure that your financial management is as smooth and secure as possible, bringing the bank to you, wherever you are.