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Engaged Employee of the Quarter: Erin Nilsestuen

Posted on July 14, 2022

Engaged Employee of the Quarter: Erin Nilsestuen

Executive Leadership is so excited to announce Erin Nilsestuen as our Engaged Employee of the quarter!


Erin always embraces a “Yes I Can” attitude with every situation presented to her and lends a helping hand wherever and whenever needed! We are so glad she is a member of our family here.


Her story at Citizens is a perfect demonstration of how our employees take engagement to the next level by going above and beyond. From the second Erin enters the office, to the moment she leaves at night, her energy level is always high spirited and fun! Whether she is laughing up a storm in the café or visiting with a coworker, excitement is always spreading onto others. To say the least, there is truly never a dull day in the office when Erin is here!


There a several different ways in which Erin embraces our culture at the bank. One of our core values is ‘fun’ and everything Erin does revolves around this value! She decorates her office doors for the holidays, plays on our volleyball team, participates in TikTok’s, and helps set up bank events – just to name a few. She also continually hits the “T” on our engagement mouse pad as she has submitted 8 Funny Boards, delivered several coffees, made 3 Star recommendations, sent 102 cheers, and has had 10 Get More Wins since the beginning of 2022! Erin has been at Citizens for a little over a year and has proven her ability to get involved ever since she started. 


When Erin is not in the office, she gives her time back to her local community. She has volunteered for Mobile Meals, Arcadia High School Interview Tips and Techniques, Polar Plunge, La Crosse Area Society for Human Resources, Children’s Miracle Network, and Steppin’ Out in Pink – WOW! Here at Citizens, being involved in our community is very important. As a local bank, we want to give back as much as we can to the communities that do so much for us. Erin definitely understands the impact of getting out and volunteering and does it whenever she is able!


One of the biggest ways that Erin goes above and beyond for the bank is covering our DFI desk. She always finds it in herself to help with coverage in our café whenever needed and does a great job at it. Her upbeat personality and smiley face always give our customers a warm welcome! Another way in which she goes above and beyond is her ability to take initiative. Whether it is redoing our MP WOW examples or updating our Engaged Employee of the Quarter Wall, Erin does not need to be asked or prompted, but instead goes out of her way to make sure the task is complete!


Congratulations, Erin! Your dedication and commitment to the bank does not go unnoticed! Thank you for always having a glass half-full attitude and adding so much positivity to our culture here. We can’t wait to see you continue to grow during your journey here at Citizens.