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AVP | Private Banking Officer

Abby Norland

AVP | Private Banking Officer

Passion outside of the office: 

I love being outside in the sun whether it is gardening, sitting by the pool, or entertaining! I also love spending time with my daughter and family. This typically includes planning my next toddler activity or play date!


Best piece of advice I’ve been given: 

Advice that was given as a child that never gets old: Be kind and treat others the way the way that you want to be treated.


First car: 

The first car I had was a Ford Explorer that my dad passed down to me! My dad is a car guy and refused to give me the cool Mustang he had at the time. The Mustang was a stick shift and he let me drive it one time when he picked me up from school. I ended up stalling the thing at least 15 times before I told him that he needed to take over because I didn’t want to learn how to drive that vehicle anymore! I was so embarrassed, but I learned my lesson to stick with the good ‘ole safe hand me down!


Craziest thing you’ve ever done: 

My husband and I were vacationing in Miami, FL for a wedding and after a few days I wanted to slow our vacation down and relax. We ditched our Airbnb, drove down to the Florida Keys, and booked hotel rooms along the way. For the planner that I am, that was very YOLO and adventurous of me!


Favorite thing about Citizens: 

Besides the amazing coffee, Citizens truly lives out our Core Values and all our employees are engaged. Citizens is community banking in the way that we help our customers and put them first while also giving back to our local community through volunteerism. That is not something you get in many other businesses!