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Core Values

Citizens State Bank's six core values are the fundamental beliefs of our organization. These guiding principles shape our company culture and support our bank's mission "To provide an experience like no other." They are our highest priority and our most deeply held beliefs. If you feel like your beliefs and principles align with our organization's, apply here for an open position. 

Fun• Work hard play hard
• No matter what the task, make it fun
• Laughter is the best medicine
• Celebrate Winning
Attitude• Create your own attitude
• Glass half full perspective
• "Yes, I can!" with a smile
• Align with right people
Responsive• 2-hour rule and urgency in everything
• Respond positively in all communication
• Listen to the expressed and unexpressed wishes
• Proactive not reactive
Accountable• Set a goal and go get it
• Capitalize on your mistakes
• Accept the consequences-whether positive or negative
• No Excuses
• Contribute to the culture
• Fully support and promote products
• Think like the boss
Excellence• #citizensexperience
• Give great attention to the details
• Satisfactory is not good enough
• Work smarter not harder

100% of Our Employees Love Working Here

I like the fun culture that we have! I also like creating value for our customers; we don’t treat our them like another transaction. We go above and beyond like they’re family to us.

Rachel Leis

I like working at Citizens because my co-workers are not only kind and friendly, they are extremely skilled and willing to help with an issue or project no matter what they might be in the middle of. The culture and atmosphere of Citizens is caring and collaborative. I appreciate that so much, as it makes each day a pleasure to come to work!

Deb Rislow

Citizens State Bank has made me a better person, made me more open to change, and pushed me not just in my professional life but also my personal life. My co-workers along with our customers are like family to me.

Melinda Derks

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