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Pay It Forward Pig


Posted on December 9, 2021

Pay It Forward Pig

Bahamas Cruise, Brain Cossette


I took an extra Pay-It-Forward Pig with my family on our recent cruise to the Bahamas, celebrating our daughter’s 5th birthday. We thought we’d find some fun location on a sandy beach, or have one of the Disney characters help us out. However, throughout our cruise we got to know our head dining server, Ronaldo. We came to learn that this was his last working cruise and would be heading home to the Philippines after being aboard for 7 months. During those 7 months his own daughter turned 4. He was so kind, sharing pictures with us of his daughter’s Frozen birthday party he had missed, asking to take pictures with our daughter on her 5th birthday, who happened to be dressed like Elsa (and is equally as big of a Frozen fan as his own daughter), to share with his daughter upon his return. Needless to say, we formed a great relationship with Ronaldo. We chose to give the Pay-It-Forward Pig to Ronaldo to take home and share with this daughter. His gratitude and excitement to share with his daughter paid it forward to my wife and I in a way that only pure happiness and warmth can give. I explained there was an e-mail address inside to share his story/picture if he chooses. I certainly hope we hear from Ronaldo from the Philippines.