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Class of 2024: Maddie Anderson

New Employee

Posted on March 28, 2024

Class of 2024: Maddie Anderson

Originally from Brookfield, WI, Maddie came to La Crosse to study Marketing at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse. Maddie’s next step has taken her out of the classroom and into the Marketing Office at Citizens State Bank to get experience in her field of study.


Maddie is known for her energetic and creative approach to things, which will be invaluable in her role in Marketing here at the bank. Her ability to balance her studies with her new responsibilities speaks volumes about her dedication and time management skills.


When she's not focused on her studies or work, Maddie is committed to her fitness, often spending her free time at the gym. She's also a big fan of traveling, with a dream to visit Europe one day. Maddie enjoys a diverse range of music, with a special preference for Taylor Swift, making her drives anything but dull. Maddie’s food picks if stranded on a desert island? French fries and Diet Coke. If she had one wish, it would be to win the lottery jackpot.


Welcome, Maddie! We're excited to be part of the next step of your career and look forward to your contributions!