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Class of 2022: Rachel Thomas

New Employee

Posted on November 17, 2022

Class of 2022: Rachel Thomas

Please help us give a warm welcome to Rachel Thomas, who is the newest Loan Processor in our La Crosse office!


Rachel’s previous position was working as a Post-Closing Specialist, giving her experience that transfers over perfectly for her new role! Although she is originally from Maine, we are so happy she made her way to Wisconsin, and especially to Citizens!


One of Rachel’s favorite things to do is relax on a beach! In fact, she has even lived in Oahu, Hawaii and was able to go to several different beaches while she was there! Rachel lived in Hawaii for three years and mentioned that traveling to the all the beaches with her friends is one of the best memories she has! The best beach she’s been to is North Shore, which is known for its surfing competitions! She also said that they have amazing sushi, seafood, and coffee!


If Rachel could have one wish granted, it would be to have her own private tropical island as well as a private jet to fly in friends and family! Looks like we see a trend of warm weather and beaches… Since the winter months are upon us, we hope Rachel can take some time to venture somewhere warm and enjoy the ocean!


Again, welcome Rachel! We can’t wait to see all you’ll accomplish here!