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Class of 2022: Lauren Lockington

New Employee

Posted on September 13, 2022

Class of 2022: Lauren Lockington

Please help us welcome Lauren Lockington, who has accepted the Director of First Impressions position in our La Crosse office!


One reason why Lauren is a perfect fit for this position is because of her previous work history in the food service industry. She has been a cook, server, bar tender, manager, and pretty much any other role you could think of in a restaurant! This has given her many years of customer service, which is exactly what is needed for her new role!


Something Lauren really enjoys is baking deserts! Her favorite thing to bake is cheesecake, specifically cheesecake bites! Lauren also really likes to make blueberry muffins! Those both sounds pretty amazing to us… Hopefully she’ll bring them into work sometime for us to try!


One interesting thing about Lauren is that she wants to visit every state in the country! Not only that, but she also wants to travel the Philippines, which is her grandma’s homeland! We hope someday that she is able to follow those dreams and make them come true!


Again, welcome Lauren! We can’t wait to watch your story evolve here at Citizens!